Even if you stick to a diet plan there might be some loopholes in your diet gone unnoticed and could be the reason you can’t seem to shed pounds as easily. It’s quite possible your efforts are derailed by mindless eating. It’s easier to fall off the weight loss bandwagon when you’re busy or tend to grab a bite on the go.

Here are some ways you might be sabotaging your diet unconsciously.

You don’t choose your drink wisely

Beverages contain tons of hidden sugar and calories. A drink can contain equal or even more calories than a single whole meal. Before you even know it, you start to gain weight and can’t put your finger on where you’re going wrong. Subscribe to the diet and fitness blog Wisejug for healthy beverages.

You eat to make yourself feel better

Emotional eating results in weight gain. This is a state of the mind where you unconsciously eat more to make yourself feel better. You slowly continue to eat the portion you intend to leave behind for the next day. If you find yourself being stressed we’d recommend you take a walk to clear your mind.

You like to reward yourself more often

It can be difficult to stick to a diet plan for an extended period of time. Especially, if you’ve just began your weight loss journey. Therefore, you might find yourself going for a cheat day every week which can undo all your weeks’ hard work. Instead of a cheat day it’s more ideal to go for a cheat meal and not sabotage your diet entirely for the day.

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