Flute is a beautiful musical instrument that artists have been using to create attractive and melodious tunes that are used as film backgrounds or for songs. Jane Rutter, a very famous flautist plays amazing flute songs for the audience. She has a great background in theatre, sound and music. She also has French roots that further help her to play some beautiful tunes. 

Listen to Jane Rutter live

Jane Rutter takes a tour to many countries for people to experience her flute music live. She performs solo and also gives classes to people who love the flute and look for classes learn the skill well. Jane Rutter is such a renowned flautist yet she is so down to earth that she teaches amateur people to learn the skill and also help the young flautists in rising and perform in a professional manner.

Download her songs on your phones

Jane Rutter’s flute songs are available on the online sources for people to download and listen to at any time they desire. Sound cloud and other music applications have all her songs and they are available for free download. The links to the music sounds are also available on Jane Rutter’s official website. The website is also a great source for all important information of Jane Rutter and her flute music events that she holds in many cities.

Enjoy Jane Rutter live to listen to her on your phone in order to enjoy most authentic flute songs.

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