How to Achieve Higher Click Rate for Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons have an important role to play in driving conversions on the site, and in directing visitors towards important sections of your site. Thus, it is necessary to design call to action (CTA) buttons in the right manner so that they match your site's theme, preferences of your primary audience, as well as lead users into performing expected steps.
Our aim here will be to analyze details of how Toronto web development firms can improve design of CTA buttons to achieve higher click through rates for those buttons.

Strategies for Improving CTA Buttons

White Space and Its Utilization:

Toronto web developmentToronto web development firms should focus on making the CTA buttons stand out from rest of the elements present on a page so that they are able to attract visitor's attention.
This goal can be accomplished when there is enough white space close to these buttons which ensures that the space around buttons does not look cluttered. Moreover, designers need to achieve the right balance between white space around the buttons and size of CTA buttons.

Proper Placement:

Proper placement will be important if you want your call to action buttons to have the required visibility on the page and get expected number of clicks.
Few of the important positions where your Toronto web development company can add CTA buttons are:
• At the top of a web page
• At a location which is considered prime location on the web page
• At page layout's center

Use of Secondary Action: 

Web development firms can develop a secondary action that must be performed before primary action is carried out. Such secondary action can substantiate usefulness of primary action that users would be performing. For example, one of the primary actions on your web site would be sign up by new users. In this scenario, there can be a secondary action (encapsulated within a secondary call-to-action button) in the form of a product tour which will explain usefulness of signing up on your website. After users are satisfied with the details provided when secondary action is performed, they can move on to perform the primary action (for example signing up on the site).

Develop Urgency:

Text utilized for call-to-action buttons should be such that it helps in developing a sense of urgency in visitors. Few examples of words you can utilize include:
• Introductory price
• Offer expiring in 3 days
• Buy now
• Offer for a limited period
Such use of text tells users that it is important to act on urgent basis if they are serious about availing the offer. By properly using such words it becomes possible to get higher number of clicks on call-to-action buttons, which may well result in better conversions and sales.

In Conclusion

To conclude it can be said that CTA buttons have an important role to play in improving sales as well as conversions on a website. Thus, by thoughtful implementation of CTA buttons it becomes possible for a website to get higher clicks on these buttons.

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