Hair is a very visible area of the body and it plays an important role in defining your external appearance. This is the reason you pamper it and become anxious when it begins to lean or shed. If you’re beginning to lose your hair, the main question that you want to be answered is: how can hair follicles grow back?

Hair maintenance can be done more efficiently in case you have an understanding of its construction. This manner, you will understand what substances cause harm and what nutrients provide advantages.

Studies have shown that an adult person has roughly one hundred thousand hair follicles in his scalp. Each follicle is the point at which a strand of hair develops. It’s a long tubular structure that penetrates the scalp and extends towards the opening of the skin surface. The follicle has three major components: dermal papilla, hair, fiber and root sheaths. if you have any query regarding Excessive hair loss or balding (which is also known as “Överdriven håravfall Eller balding” in the Swedish language) see them all on the web.

The dermal papilla or DP consists of cells that indicate the follicle to produce hair throughout the development stage of the hair cycle. Hair thickness is dependent upon its size. After the DP is larger, more cells can accumulate, leading to a thicker hair. When the follicles are normal and healthy, the DP’s shape resembles that of a pear.

Hair develops when a follicle is triggered and creates a fiber, aided by other cells called cells. These cortex cells grow and as they grow in number, the new ones shaped to push the old ones upwards towards the surface of the scalp. As the cells approach the surface, they harden and become keratinized and then perish. So, what you see as your own hair is a mix of dead keratinized cells.

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