Moving is tough and probably one of the most stressful experiences of your life, especially when some situations go wrong. Are you planning to move to LA? Using Smoove app would be the smartest thing to do to avoid the following top worse things that may happen to you when moving.

1. Your hired movers ditched you on your moving date or they are late.

This is probably the worst thing could ever happen to you when moving. After all your efforts in negotiating, picking the right date, and more, your hired mover did not show up on your agreed date and time for pick-up. As a result, expect that most of your plans will be ruined.

2. The last-minute packing

It is the "day of moving" and you have realized you forgot to pack some important items, making you even more frustrated and stressful. Plus, what could go even worse than realizing you are out of packing materials and it is only a few hours before the movers will arrive.

3. The furniture does not fit through the doors.

If you encounter this type of moving problem, then, you should expect the situation to get even worse, because, this may reinforce you to decide on removing the doors, which may lead to property damage.

4. Wrong choice of moving truck.

This is the time when you and your hired movers had realized that not all of the items and furniture will fit in the truck. So, you have to decide, which items you need to bring and not to bring for the time being. There are several worst things that may happen to you during moving. Thus, you need to be vigilant and anticipate on things that might happen.

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